Sometimes You Just Gotta Say, “What the Fuck.”

I now realize many of you are probably wondering, “What is Patrick doing in Iowa in the first place?”

A fair question.  A few weeks ago, had you asked me if I had a desire to move to Iowa , I would have looked at you very confused.  “Why the hell would I move to Iowa?  Sure, I live with my parents and my income sucks, but life is good!  I’m in a running club, tour breweries with friends regularly, and am starting grad school.  Not to mention, I just started a job at a lovely, local nature center.  I have no reason to move!”

But then something happened.  As is usually the case, fate decided to punch me in the crotch.  While happily living my charmed life, I received a call from a potential employer.  You see, back in December, I had applied to a lot of jobs, one of which was a National Wildlife Refuge in Iowa.  Originally thinking I had missed the cut, I received an invitation to interview in March, almost three months after applying.  Thinking the opportunity to learn more couldn’t hurt, I spent my lunch break huddled in my car interviewing for a position that sounded right up my alley.  “Shit.”  I thought.  “I don’t know what I’d do if they offered me the position.”

Guess what happened?  A few days after interviewing, I received an offer to start with said employer.  In two weeks.

I was torn.  On one hand, this was an amazing opportunity.  I would be a full-fledged federal employee in this position, raising my chances of finding more work in the future.  Even better, it paid decent and gave me a chance to do what I love: environmental education.

But what about the lovely, local nature center I was working for?  My coworkers were amazing… I was good at the job… how could I leave this place?

An agonizing two days ensued, in which I received incredible advice and support from friends and family.  Although the responses varied widely, they can all be summed up in the advice my father gave me:

Sometimes you just gotta say, “What the fuck.” (Movie reference, anyone?  It was lost on me…)

And he was right.  I didn’t own a house.  Didn’t have a long-term job.  Didn’t have a girlfriend (ladies……).  I had nothing that was keeping me in Minnesota, other than the fact I was comfortable with my life, and that staying was easier.

What I’ve found is that “easier” doesn’t necessarily equal “better.”  So long story short, I moved to rural Iowa less than 10 days after receiving the job offer.  And that is where our story begins.

So join me as we learn “what the fuck” Iowa has in store for Patrick.



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