Welcome to Iowa

Find yourself missing Patrick?  Not sure what you’ll do without Patrick in your life?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you are probably my mother, and have learned an awful lot about computers to get this far.  Kudos.

If, however, you are not my mother, and still find yourself wondering what Patrick is up to: fear not!  Partly out of boredom and partly out of a desire to stay connected to Minnesota friends and family, I will be sharing my experiences abroad in Iowa for all to enjoy (or not).

“But Patrick,” you may ask, “how on earth is a blog about Iowa going to be interesting?”

Well, I’m hoping my blog will help people realize that you can have adventures where ever you are, even when that place happens to be a small town along the Des Moines River with a population barely exceeding 500.

But I’m fully aware this probably won’t happen.  At the least, I’m hoping this blog will be a chronicle of jokes and insights into that mysterious state south of the border.  You may not feel a desire to travel to Iowa any time soon, but I’m hoping you will at least find my adventures in Iowa entertaining.

So with that, let’s kick off a blog I will probably neglect the hell out of about 3 days from now.

Welcome to Iowa.


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