That Moment When…

My apologies for going so many days without a post.  I’ve been sick the past few days, and am preparing for a trip even further south to Kansas City.  I hope to have many delightful stories and photos to share when I return.

I’ve had a lot of interesting moments this past week.  Here are a few of the highlights:

That moment when…

  1. A 2nd grader accuses you of being a terrible naturalist because you don’t know what a “squinny” is.
    1. Squinny is apparently Des Moines slang for 13-lined ground squirrel. Which is stupid, but so is Goldy Gopher not actually being a gopher (he’s a squinny).
  2. Everyone at work is legitimately skeptical whether the growler you use as a water bottle actually contains water.
    1. I opened it to show it was only water. Several came in for a closer look.
  3. You know more about Des Moines than most locals.
    1. “I visited Pappajohn sculpture garden.”
    2. “You mean the pizza place?”
  4. You accidentally run over a turtle on the lawn mower.
    1. I jumped off and had a “KAHN!” moment.
  5. You tell a fellow Minnesotan you’re from North Minneapolis.
    1. He laughs, then proceeds to ask if the shootings lull you to sleep at night.
  6. The disposable razor you’ve used for 2 months finally becomes unusable.
    1. Or is it?
  7. You buy a bandana to protect yourself from mosquitoes.
    1. I get bit at least four times daily during the five second sprint to the car.
  8. You correctly identify two birds, only to have them attack you.
    1. Indigo Buntings aggressively defend their territory.
  9. Your hair starts covering your eyes.
    1. Eh, I can let it grow a few more months.
  10. You realize you’ve been peeling oranges wrong all your life.
    1. This is why I prefer clementines.
  11. You show up to work and three people say you look terrible.
    1. Diagnosis: hay fever and a sinus infection.
  12. You forget a state park road is a one way.
    1. The motorists going the right way aggressively mention you are going the wrong way, but do not actually let you turn around and go the correct way.
  13. You eat a 16oz peanut butter, Reeses and Butterfinger “suicide” (local take on a Blizzard) in one sitting.
    1. I see no issue.
  14. Thousands of fireflies come out at night.
    1. It almost makes the mosquitoes worth it.
  15. The upstairs thermostat reads 85 degrees F.
    1. Patrick teaches Kyla a new term: commando.
  16. You add a picture of a clearly deceased deer to your blog post, and no one says anything.
    1. Nobody reads my blog.
    2. Those who do find nothing odd about pictures of dead fawns.

Check back early next week for more posts!


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