Red-winged Blackbird quietly muses if harem large enough

PRAIRIE CITY- Taking a break from defending its territory, a male Red-winged Blackbird gently mused whether it had a large enough harem of mates.

“I had six females last season.  I suppose a few more couldn’t hurt.” said the iconic spring migrator of his list of potential spouses.

Preening its feathers, the blackbird, one of the most widespread North American species, elaborated on his desire to mate with multiple females.

“I mean, I do have big, bright-red shoulder patches.  And just look at these glossy-black feathers!  I owe it to our species to pass along my genes.”

While the passerine pondered his genetic contribution to the species, three of his four females were reportedly seen mating with other birds.  The fourth was later confirmed eaten by Fluffy, a local outdoor cat.


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